David, I thank you for your ability to relieve me of my stresses and anxiety, of which you know were not easy. I am fascinated and amazed by the entire process, and so fast. The world seems to have lit up all of a sudden!"

​AD - West Island


I'm astonished. It took 10 session​ to go from 90 or 100 cigarettes a day to zero!!!!!!     DL - West Island

"Both my wife and I were David Bernstein's clients. We saw him for completely different reasons, but he was spot on for each and our issues seem like ancient history now. My wife has even been able to reduce most of her medications and feels wonderful after losing 32 lbs and more to come."

YF & MS - Montreal

​​​​​5 Stars! After finishing my hypnosis sessions with David, I can say I have never felt better overall, my lifelong eating disorder is behind me at last. This is the beginning of a new life for me, highly recommend!.

​JGD- Montreal


"I have suffered from anxiety for over  20 years and I never thought anything would help. After one meeting with David I noticed a drastic difference. Three weeks after my hypnosis sessions I am anxiety free!"

JP - Montreal

After my sessions with David I have my weight under control and weeks later my results have been excellent. The entire process is truly intriguing!

​GM - Montreal

​​​​I had three unrelated phobias and now I have none! 5 stars for hypnotherapy, the best approach ever!

​​​I just don't have the words to thank you enough for how you have changed my life. I cried of happiness today because it was the first morning I was able to drive to work without any anxiety!

Thank you so much!

​M.P. Montreal