​In the course of my practice I have met many people who have fallen into the trap of unwanted behaviour – habits! These include nail biting, nervous ticks, grinding of teeth, drinking, gambling, binge eating and many more.

Habits are usually created inadvertently and slowly over time as the person repeats behaviours over and over which become accepted as normal by the subconscious mind, and so the person has what we all know as a habit, their new “normal”. However, bad habits are not normal, they are a consequence of a certain thought process that brings us to a point where we are essentially on auto pilot and feel helpless to do anything about it because the compulsion is too strong. This is untrue!

In actuality, bad habits can be overcome and neutralized quite quickly, using the power of the subconscious rather than conscious mind. If the conscious mind was equipped to do it, one would only have to tell oneself to stop and would. While some people can do it, for most it is too daunting and best be put off for another day, and so the habit persists.

Hypnotherapy goes to the source of the negative mindset, the program running in the background that transmits the urges and compulsions. That is where the cycle or loop is disrupted, the automatic behaviour interfered with so the cycle can break down and disappear. It is a painless and fast solution to what so many people think is just going to be their problem for the rest of their lives, but I am happy to say that doesn’t have to be.


​We all experience stress on a daily basis, it is normal and in a sense
provides us with motivation to get things done. Without some stress we would
likely accomplish less – but how much is normal? To what degree should we feel
it? The answer is different for everyone, but when stress becomes difficult to
cope with, causing negative habits such as nail biting, binge eating and worry,
interferes with sleep, causes headaches, body aches and fatigue affecting
concentration and thus work and school performance, it is time to do something
about it.

Dr. Gerard Sunnen, of The New York University School of Medicine,
describes hypnosis as “ the most potent non-pharmacological relaxing agent
known to science.” My personal experience working with so many clients
suffering from stress, shows this to be true. No medication or physical
intervention, simply the capability of the subconscious mind to remember and
adopt your normal behavioural pattern as it was before life experiences
accumulated. After all, no one is born stressed; it is a learned behaviour and
therefore can be reversed!

Hypnotherapy guides the subconscious mind along a process which
reverses the negative cycle and relieves you of the weight that has accumulated
over time so that you no longer feel the heaviness and pressure. It is truly
remarkable that the subconscious mind can shed the weight of stress in just a few short weeks so the person experiences it normally, rather than heavily, and so everything becomes easier. We become energized, focused and motivated again and feel so much better than we thought we ever would again.

As the world becomes more complex and things happen faster and faster, it
is important to have psychological, emotional and physical peace, which is
something we all deserve.


A common issue people ask me to help with is freezing in their tracks and
being unable to perform in certain daily situations which may include work,
academics or sports. The complaint is that “for some reason if I have a deadline or need to speak in front of people, write an exam or play an important game, I can’t seem to relax and just do it and I don’t know why!”

The reason they don’t know why is that it’s a subconscious issue emanating from within not something they can easily put their finger on.

Through hypnotherapy, I can retrain the subconscious mind to disregard
the usual tension a person may feel in those situations and proceed with the task at hand in a calm and relaxed manner which of course means the person can then perform to their full potential without mental inhibition or physical discomfort.

Why botch that next assignment, exam or big game, why lose sleep over it
in advance when you can find it no longer intimidating or frightening? Flow
through it as relaxed as you are at home on your own couch watching television and see your performance dramatically improve.

Everyone has the ability but sometimes the subconscious needs a reminder – hypnotherapy is that reminder.