​​​​​​The more I studied the more evident it became that everyone should know about this incredible treatment method.

Hypnosis has also rid me of fears of elevators (claustrophobia), flying (aerophobia) and water (aquaphobia) and can do the same for you quickly and easily. ​

The stresses and strains attached to illnesses are often almost as bad as the illness itself and over time become a very big component of the disease. The focus and rumination about the circumstance very often makes the situation all the worse. I can help considerably in alleviating the negativity surrounding it and give the patient a better chance to focus their energy on getting better..

​​Almost 25 years ago I received a serious injury in a hockey game which led me on a 5 year long search for relief of the intractable pain. I saw a dozen specialists, tried just as many types of treatments and tests including 2 trips to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota all to no avail. The pain was as severe as ever and had taken over all aspects of my life!

One day a friend suggested hypnosis as one of his work colleagues had stopped smoking that way. I thought, "why not?" and arranged a session. Unbelievable as it seemed at the time, it worked and I have not had any pain to this day. Hypnosis literally saved my life!