​​​​There are a great many issues and problems my clients see me about, and I am happy to say hypnotherapy is more often than not the approach they feel they should have tried years ago!Whether psychological, emotional or physical in nature, hypnotherapy can help, as all three can be and usually are related and affect one another at various levels. It is my job to unravel the often complex relationship between what a person thinks and feels and bring them relief by resetting them to their original natural selves. 

Often, a client will call for a consultation with a specific complaint, and as we explore the situation together we find the issue is actually something else in the background of the persons past which is actually feeding the problem. I can then turn off that source and the other problem(s) fade away as they are no longer being fueled by it.


Some of the areas I work on are: anxiety, stress, pain, headaches, weight, smoking, phobias, memory, concentration, insomnia, work/academic and sports performance, compulsions, psychosomatic illnesses and any bad habit.